Background for BLOHM×NOROLL Cooperation SUPPLY



Blohmの投稿にあるカリフォルニアのビーチでの濃いエピソードに自分の現在の環境も汲み取っていただき名付けてもらった”Beach Surfers”



During the photo shoot for the shorts we made with Supply two summers ago, we were talking about the possibility of having shoes made of a natural material that we had often used in Noroll hats.

I thought that Blohm would be the perfect material to incorporate into these shoes.

I took the liberty of developing an image of what I wanted to do, and then two people at Supply got wind of it, and thankfully they were interested, and it took about a year to complete the project.

The name “Beach Surfers” was given to the brand after I read Blohm’s post about his intense episodes at the beach in California, which also captured my own current environment.

I also suggested jute, which is a common material, but by combining it with other materials such as leather and Vibram soles, I hoped to evoke a rustic design made of natural materials and wood, as seen in Scandinavian and European furniture and objects, as a backdrop for the theme of the project.

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